Postgraduate Seminar Presentations

On Friday 4th May 2018, the department held the first set of postgraduate seminar presentations for the month of May. Twelve presentations were made on that day. The presenters were mostly applying machine learning to solving preblems in the domain of health, finance, transportation, social networks, and education. The presentations are listed as follows:

  1. Trust Management for Social Network Platforms by Onosu Dafe Great
  2. A Hybrid of Artificial Neural Network and Rough Set (ANN-RS) Approach for Stock Price Prediction by Bassey Abasifreke
  3. A Semantics-based approach for similar research area detection: A case study of African publications by Adigun Emmanuel
  4. Yoruba Text to Speech using Hidden Markov Model by Orija Kikelomo
  5. Neural Network Based Approach to Sickle Cell Disease-Related Pain Management by Ogundele Israel
  6. A Naive Bayes Classification Model for Predicting Students Performance in Educational Data Mining by Mark Onazi
  7. A Framework for Admission of Pupils into Junior Secondary School using k-Nearest Neighbourhood Algorithm by Oyesola Damilola
  8. Optimizing Urban Road Transportation Network using Ant Colony Optimisation Metaheuristic by Bamigboye Oreofeoluwa
  9. Prediction of Host-Parasite Protein Interactions based on RNA-SEQ Gene Expression Profiles using Supervised Machine Learning Approach by Soyemi Jumoke
  10. Stess monitoring by Body Area Network in Sports Domain using Artificial Neural Network and Support Vector Machine by Ayoola Afolabi
  11. Evolving Hyper-Heuristic Components with Cartesian Genetic Programming by Adubi Stephen
  12. Twitter Sentiment Analysis Model for Analysing Customers' tweets of a Telecommunications' Firm by Olagboye Victor